Our story

What makes us… us?

Lucky Kiddo is #1 store for kids clothes and the best online shop trusted by parents. We are cute, but mighty company! We design playful and colourful clothes for kids, who know what they want. The guiding motto of Lucky Kiddo is to let children really be children and enjoy their youth, fun events and adventures.


One of a kind prints

We want to share our love for cute and stylish clothes with the whole world and we want you to feel that love too! We’re here to provide the cutest, most comfortable, fashion clothes for kids in the world! It is that simple!


It’s all about the details

We see the world full of colours, and this is exactly how our designs look like 🥰

What makes us special? You. Each and every single one of you. Because without YOU, we wouldn’t be where we are at today.


Company Informations:

MI-U, Lucky Kiddo Online d.o.o.

Address: Usnjarska cesta 8, 1241 Kamnik, Slovenia

Email: info@lucky-kiddo.com